Why You Should Re-Think Outsourcing 

More and more companies are bringing manufacturing back to the United States, and are forced to re-think their outsourcing strategies. As labor rates continue to grow in China, the advantages that United States based companies once had overseas are all vanishing. With rising shipping costs, large lead times, and issues in product quality, companies are closely walking the line between profits and losses.

Chemplast Plastic Injection Molding has made it a priority to provide quality manufacturing services that eliminate the allure of outsourcing. With product quality as the main driver, Chemplast Plastic Injection Molding continues to prove “Why Made in the USA is Better”.  Chemplast serves customers all across the United States. The states highlighted in red are the states Chemplast currently serves.

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How Chemplast’s Plastic Injection Molding Beats Outsourcing:
  • Over 38+ Years of Injection Molding Experience
  • State of the Art Injection Molding Equipment
  •  ISO 9001:2015 Certified 
  • Short Lead Times
  • 100% Visual Inspection at the Machine
  • Domestic Shipping vs. International Shipping
  • No Language Barriers or Time Zone Obstacles
  • Strict Adherence to Patent Protection and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Chemplast Holds Inventory for Blanket Orders and Can Ship as soon Customer needs the Product
  • U.S. Injection molders are held to higher standard of quality and safety
  • Face to Face Communication ( You Can See Your Part Being Manufactured)
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