As a leader in plastic injection molding, Chemplast possesses the knowledge and expertise to be successful manufacturing for Texas based companies. The Chemplast blog is a venue to share some of the knowledge Chemplast has acquired through its 35 plus years in the industry. We hope our posts can shed some light onto some of the industry practices and aid you on your quest through the world or plastic injection molding.

  • Posted on 17 Nov 2015
    As demand keeps increasing, we are continuously evaluating how we can improve.  Hence we have added several robots to our existing machine lineup and our 3rd 1100 Ton Injection…

  • Posted on 21 Apr 2015
    Stafford Award Program Honors the Achievement STAFFORD April 2, 2015 — Chemplast Inc. has been selected for the 2015 Best of Stafford Award in the Plastic Molding Manufacturer category…

  • Posted on 17 Mar 2015
    To meet with current and future demands of customers, Chemplast has purchased 5 additional machines in the last 6 months. The sizes vary from as small as 300 ton…

  • Posted on 15 Oct 2014
    Plastic Injection molding is a commonly used process in manufacturing many of the plastic product in the market today. Compression Molding process is perfect for high volume production runs,…

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